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Oxygen-ozone activity in making factory farms antibiotic-free for prevention of antibiotic resistance

Luigi Valdenassi, Marianno Franzini, Pierpaolo Garbelli, Manuele Camolese.

  • Luigi Valdenassi
    Medical Toxicology, University of Pavia, Italy
  • Marianno Franzini
    Medical Toxicology, University of Pavia; Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy, Gorle (BG), Italy
  • Pierpaolo Garbelli
    Private Veterinarian, Italy
  • Manuele Camolese
    CEO Multiossigen Ozone Technology, Gorle (BG), Italy


For some years an increasing number of bacterial strains have shown resistance to common antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs. The excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics is at the root of this problem, which could develop to a devastating extent if not controlled properly. It should not be forgotten that the pharmaceutical industry itself appears to be unable to offer the necessary countermeasures in terms of advanced research within tight deadlines because of the objective difficulties with synthesis of new antibiotics. The use of oxygen-ozone appears to give a concrete answer to the problem through application in the dietary and environment process of livestock.


Factory farming; Oxygen-ozone; Prevention.

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