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The DISCOSAN method and the Italian experience

The DISCOSAN method and the Italian experience.

Dr William Gamba – Dr Luigi Cursio


The point of the situation on the lumbar and cervical paravertebral treatment of the Back Discal Deformation with Discal Radicular Conflict. The importance of the diagnosis. Evaluation between invasive methods and intradiscal O2-O3 therapy.

Thought out from Dr Cesare Verga, the Discosan method defers for executive conceptuality from the methodology of treatment used at present from many Doctors and Specialists. Some doctors, however, continued his school and obtained very satisfactory resultants with high percentages of recovery. The importance of the diagnosis and why it works so well. The method was upgraded in the time with some eventual modification. The comparison of the results with the other methodologies puts in evidence the validity, united to the simple applicability.

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