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Ozone/Oxygen Mixture Modifies the Subcellular Redistribution of Bax Protein in Renal Tissue from Rats Treated with Cisplatin

Ozone/Oxygen Mixture Modifies the Subcellular Redistribution of Bax Protein in Renal Tissue from Rats Treated with Cisplatin

Aluet Borrego,a Zullyt Barbara Zamora,b Ricardo Gonza´lez,b Cheyla Romay,b Silvia Mene´ndez,b
Frank Herna´ndez,b Jorge Berlanga,c and Teresita Monterod

National Laboratory for the Control of Drugs, bOzone Research Center, Center for the Control and Development of Drugs (CECMED), Havana, Cuba
cCenter for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Biomedical Investigations Branch (CIGB), Havana, Cuba
dDepartment of Histopathology, Dr. Luis Dı´az Soto Hospital, Havana, Cuba

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Ozone/oxygen mixture, Cisplatin-nephrotoxicity, Bax renal expression.


Cellular events in cisplatin-mediated nephrotoxicity include apoptosis induction, decreased protein synthesis, changes in the subcellular redistribution of Bax mitochondrial dysfunction, DNA injury, increased lipid peroxidation, depletion of glutathione and decrease in enzymatic activity of renal antioxidant enzymes. In previous papers we have shown that intra-rectal (ir) ozone/oxygen mixture protected and induced a significant recovery in cisplatin-induced renal damage and it was related to a significant increase in the antioxidant system in renal tissue.


This study was undertaken to examine the effect of the intra-rectal applications of ozone/oxygen mixture in the renal expression pattern of Bax proteins in rats treated with cisplatin. A group of male Sprague-Dawley rats were pretreated with 15 ir applications of ozone/oxygen (1.1 mg/kg) before intraperitoneal injection of cisplatin (6 mg/kg). Another group was treated with five ir applications of ozone/oxygen mixture after cisplatin
administration. Serum creatinine was measured thereafter. Subcellular distribution of Bax in renal tissue was analyzed by immunohistochemistry.


Ozone pretreatment prevented the increase in serum creatinine levels and completely inhibited the acute tubular necrosis induced by cisplatin in renal tissue, diminishing the expression of Bax. Ozone treatment after cisplatin application reduced the increase in serum creatinine levels and the renal necrosis, inducing a lesser decrease of the Bax expression in cisplatin-treated kidneys.


Expression of Bax in renal tissue seems to play an important role in the protection and recovery in cisplatin-nephrotoxicity achieved by ozone/oxygen mixture.


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