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Ozone therapy in patients with viral Hepatitis “C”. A clinic study

Ozone therapy in patients with viral Hepatitis “C”. A clinic study



Hepatitis “C” is a medical problem in Egypt. The usual line of treatment is very expensive with major side effects and low efficacy
especially in type 4, which is common in Egypt. The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of ozone as a safe line of treatment. This study included 60 patients’ type 4 hepatitis “C” patients, 45 males and 15 females. Their age ranged between 34 and 65 years. Investigations including C.B.C., liver function tests, A.F.P., serological tests for Bilharziasis, P.C.R. quantitative for H.C.V., prothrombin time and concentration and abdominal ultrasonography were done before and 8 weeks, 24 weeks after treatment with ozone. Patients received combined treatment of Major AutoHaemotherapy in a dose range from 4mg to 9 mg and rectal insuflation in a dose range from 6mg to 14 mg per visit. The number of visits was three times per week for 8 weeks followed by twice per week for 16 weeks. The general condition in 95% of cases improved. There was a decrease in the quantitative P.C.R. (viral load) in 91.66% of cases that reached zero (no viraemia) in 18.33 % of cases after 8 weeks treatment. The number of -ve cases for HCV virus increased to reach 36.67 % of cases after 24 weeks treatment. Ozone therapy was found to be an effective, safe and less expensive method in Hepatitis “C” patients.


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