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Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Degenerative Spine Disease in the Elderly

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Degenerative Spine Disease in the Elderly


Servizio di Neuroradiologia Istituto Clinico Città di Brescia; * Servizio di Neuroradiologia Spedali Civili di Brescia; Italy

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Rivista Italiana di Ossigeno-Ozonoterapia 5: 25-32, 2006

Oxygen-ozone therapy, medical ozone, spondyloarthrosis, intraforaminal infiltration, elderly


We describe our experience of oxygen-ozone therapy to treat degenerative spine disease in the elderly. From April 2002 to January 2005 we selected 129 patients with CT and/or MR evidence of spondyloarthrosis and disc degeneration of the lumbar spine. All patients enrolled in the study had contraindications to the administration of commonly used analgaesic and anti-inflammatory drugs.Oxygen-ozone therapy was given by CT-guided intraforaminal injection as the first treatment followed by four weekly paralumbar infiltrations on an outpatient basis. The full treatment lasted a month. Clinical outcome was assessed three months and one year after treatment. The good results obtained indicate that oxygen-ozone therapy is an ideal treatment with no side-effects in elderly patients with degenerativespine disease.


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